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IMA Intern Work Product
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2017 Legislative Update.pdf0.14MB
6-18-15 Executive Session Card Guide.pdf0.06MB
7-17-12 Existing Structures & ADA Compliance.pdf0.26MB
5-31-16 Public Purpose Memo.pdf0.04MB
6-15-12 GIS Info & PRRs.pdf0.05MB
6-23-14 Fire Search Information Page.pdf0.02MB
6-24-14 Fire Investigation Question Memorandum.pdf0.06MB
6-24-15 Executive Session Instructions Memo.pdf1.03MB
6-24-15 Title 74 Generic Ordinance Update.pdf0.03MB
7-10-14 Restoration Company Memo.pdf0.04MB
7-22-14 Water & Sewer Access Memo.pdf0.03MB
7-25-14 Easement Memorandum.pdf0.07MB
7-28-14 Public Participation Plan - Pretreatment Program.pdf0.02MB
8-7-13 Mayor's Prayer Breakfast Memo.pdf0.10MB
8-14-14 Sexually Oriented Businesses Memorandum.pdf0.05MB
8-14-14 Vape Shops Tobacco Ordinance Memorandum.pdf0.03MB
8-14-15 Municipal Water Rights.pdf0.12MB

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