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Charles Wadams
Garden City
(208) 472-2915

Kayla Hermann
City of Lewiston
Vice President
(208) 746-7948

Christine Starr
City of Boise
(208) 608-7950

Shayne Nope
City of Twin Falls
Past President
(208) 735-7373

Mia Bautista
City of Moscow
Board Member
(208) 883-7026

Mike Kirkham
City of Idaho Falls
Board Member
(208) 612-8178

Randy Adams
City of Coeur d'Alene
Board Member
(208) 769-2350

John Cafferty
City of Post Falls
Board Member
(208) 773-0215

Rob Lockward
City of Boise
Board Member
(208) 608-7950

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