Document Library

As an IMA member, you will have access to an online library of example ordinance forms from throughout the state as well as CLE Presentation Papers and IMA Intern Work Products.


IMA Members participate in a statewide email listserv where they share legal questions and answers with each other on a daily basis.


IMA Members come together twice annually for legal conferences to learn and exchange ideas and solutions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the IMA is to facilitate the delivery of high-quality legal services on a cost-effective basis to the cities of the great State of Idaho. To that end, the IMA will provide educational programs and peer-to-peer networking opportunities among its members and critical analysis and constructive comment regarding legislation affecting local government.

As a non-profit corporation, we will provide such services for a nominal or reasonable charge without benefit or financial consideration to the directors or officers of the corporation. Our ultimate goal is to improve the law as applied to public entities and foster the administration of justice and quality of legal service rendered by our members.

IMA Officers

Kayla Hermann

Kayla Hermann
CIty of Lewiston


Past President
Charles Wadams
Garden City


Vice President
Mike Kirkham
Idaho Falls

Mia Bautista

Mia Bautista
City of Moscow


Rob Lockward
City of Boise

Randy Adams

Board Member
Randy Adams
City of Coeur d'Alene

Elzabeth Koeckeritz - Loeckeritz Law - Boise

Board Member
Elizabeth Koeckeritz
Koeckeritz Law, PLLC


Board Member
Chris Yorgason